Armscor, The Armaments Corporation of South Africa, was in the bad old days of Apartheid, South African government's military supply company. Nobody wanted to sell the boers guns, ammo, artilery, aircraft parts and armoured cars and so they made their own.

Some of the kit was good enough to sell, and brought in foreign exchange at the expense of death elsewhere.

The web site is This must be the first web site that I have seen where 35mm AA GUNS are on sale.

If you have ever seen SA police or military vehicles such as a ratel in action (i.e. any footage of a good SA riot from the late 1980s), you have seen some of their hardware.

The company is still in business, though less well funded, less high-profile, more discreet, more diversified and more diplomatic than before. They still sell guns to people who then go and fight bloody civil wars with them. Things change, but only up to to a point.

In Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars series, Armscor is one of Earth's largest multinational corporations. I hope we never see that day.