I am not logging what has happened today, but catching up with the last few days.

On saturday I moved all my stuff to an unfashionable part of London, West Ham in the East end. It is a small and damp room, but it will do for the next six months or so. The flat is modern and well-connected by tube, close to the city, and the two flatmates decent and not underfoot too much.

On sunday afternoon I took the Jubilee line into the tourist district and walked around: Emabankment to Covent Garden to chinatown to Trafalgar Square to St James park, across the bridge to Waterloo, then back home via the tube. Very nice.

I have a face-to-face interview tomorrow, which is a big step on the slow process of getting employed in this unfavourable IT climate.

I haven't felt inspired to node, and have very limited access to the internet. here I am in a contractor's center in Hammersmith, using a windows dumb terminal to suft the job boards and while away the day.