I am bored. I am reading books on Software development (The Mythical Man-Month, Peopleware, Steve McConell’s Rapid Application development, Kent Beck’s Extreme programming) and watching TV. And during "working hours", sitting here in Hammersmith, looking at all the posted vacancies (doesn't take long) before heading over to E2 to pass the time. I’m not addicted to E2, I’ll cut down the minute I have something better to do.

Yesterday (sunday) I was in Greenwich park with A--. It is one of the nicer parks in London – full of sun, flowers and people. The hill has the fragmentary ruins of an old Roman temple, and it is indeed a good spot for a pagan shrine. Great views of the certical temples of Mammon rising from Canary Wharf. These are the modern equivalents of Cathedrals - our defining works of monumental architecture.

Tonight I go to interview for a position that is out of the way and not well paid. I hope to use it as a bargaining chip to persuade other companies to pay me more for a better position. Or as a fallback, or as a source of income.

Thursday lifted my spirits. mkb mentioned that he would be in London on the weekend of the 18th and would like to meet the local noders. I’ve been keen to meet the locals too, and before I knew it I had all the details on my homenode. It all came together with astonishing rapidity. What fun!

Aside from that, I am still bored. I am not as stressed as I have been in previous similar situations. Maybe I've leared stoicism and not worrying. Maybe I just don't give a toss anymore. Maybe I know that things could be worse, because I have experienced them as such. Well, whatever, I will push on and through.