Brum noders that I met at this meet thing for the first time:

Nine9: I was expecting someone somewhat dour and Scottish. Nine9 is neither of those, but is somewhat exuberant, rather fun, and spoke a bit of Afrikaans, Danish and Sindarin at us.

Anbolb: Scarpered after about a minute, after I had blurted out something about how great his strangely pathetic little stories were. Later confessed to being an axe murderer.

So Save Me: Definitely not human, but must be kind of Pixie or Selkie.

Lady_Day: A friendly, no-nonsense person.

A Scar Faery: I see where the stories come from. She meeps

Purple_Curtain inhabits a parallel universe. The rest of us can only guess at its intricacies through its portals, two sharp blue eyes hidden under a veil of black hair.

Mosely bog is only partly bog. But the bog part is very very boggy.

And thanks to the chorus for singing the Cemetery polka at a bus stop and Lily the Pink in Waterstones book shop.