Tottenham Hotspur: Season 1892/93

Evening guys. May I correct your statement regarding the other two known SFA fixtures?

Slough v Upton Park almost certainly wasn't played. I have found match reports for all 11 Slough fixtures and whilst the goals totals are 21-32 from the reports rather than 21-22 as per the league table, their record was P11 W2 D2 L7.
The South Bucks Standard of Friday 28 April 1893 does state the last game of the season for Slough was scheduled for the following day, being v Upton Park, but subsequent editions make no mention of the game whatsover.

Windsor v Polytechnic was not played on 23 April 1893 as that was a Sunday. They were beaten at Reading 0-6 on 22nd April in a Berkshire Charity Cup match. Again there is no reference in the SOuth Bucks Standard of a match v Polytechnic around that time, nor indeed at Windsor throughout the season.

I'm trying to track down all the known results and will update you if I find the two matches concerned.

Great site BTW, and thanks for the info.

Quick update - In the Chelmsford Chronicle of 14/04/1893, the Tottenham v Upton Park result on 8th April that years is given as 4-1 in Tottenham's favour, rather than Upton Park winning 4-1. This would be a far more logical result as the final table suggests Upton Park won 1 match all season - this was a 1-0 home win v Slough, with a brief match report in the South Bucks Standard of 14/10/1892.