Man, I haven't written a daylog in ages...

Well, here goes

I got laid off last week. Isn't it a bitch the way companies pretend that everything is going fine until they're ready to fire a few dozen people at once? Just a few weeks ago, my boss handed me a free shirt and a letter thanking me for my hard work in closing a successful fiscal year 2001. I've spent almost the whole summer on the road, and most recently was in kansas city for four weeks, completing a major upgrade for a high-profile customer.

Of course, I can't really blame my supervisor, or manager, for all this...the decision to have layoffs obviously came from on high, and a lot of useful people got the shaft.

Anyway, I'm over it now.

I buckled down and started looking for a job today. The economy is sucking, and there aren't as many opportunities as there were two years ago.

Okay, okay, I'm really over it now.