What is the realm of philosophy? Is it to ponder the universe and derive answers from ones' self? And if so, what can make something true when it's based purely upon someone's own concepts? Nothing can do this. That notion is impossible. No one can make something valid merely by using their own opinions. Therefore nothing can be derived from merely ones self.

To ponder the universe, one would need to see it from a perspective outside the universe, and the definition of universe can't allow this. The true definition of universe is "all that is known, in space and time" and to be in a place other than the universe is to know that place, which makes it part of the universe, and thus invalid for viewing the universe with an unbiased eye. I hate revolving logic.

Of course, all of which I am saying is relative (due to the definitions I use created by a biased observer of the universe), and therefore wrong, so screw it.