Nuntensene is a corruption of the phase "noun tensing." It is a completely useless dialect of English; and is found in a small part of Southern California, around the Mentone area.

From what I'm told, Nuntensene was created in the early 1990s, and is exactly the same as American English, except for the utilization of noun tense. To tense a noun means to place it in the timeframe in which is it spoken of.

Example: A piece of pie in the present is "a piece of pie", but a piece of pie from 5 minutes ago is "pied."

I am not aware of the grammatical complexities of this language, due to the fact that it is very rare to find someone familiar with this type of speak.

I was informed of this language by the worker of the Mentone liquor store, who incidentally, makes "The World's Best Beef Jerky".