OK, I'm going to make the assumption that everyone fucking hates Verizon. Now that we have that settled, I'm going to also assume that many people must rely on those oligopolist bastards for dsl service.

This means that if you have verizon dsl, you have that annoying Verizon animation instead of your traditional IE graphic. I'm now going to tell you how to change that animation to anything you please, (my personal favorite being a plan BLACK square.)

First, go into your program files and find Internet Explorer. In the Internet Explorer folder, there is a folder called Signup (for most people, you can just paste "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\SIGNUP" to get there). Once there, you will find 2 .bmp files, one named "22vrzn" and the other is entitled "38vrzn".

These little .bmps files are what plug into the old IE graphic. Open each of these in the Paint application on your machine (for most, paste in "C:\Program Files\Accessories\MSPAINT.EXE"). From here, you can james-rig the images to anything you'd like, including your own animation (if you're familiar with .bmps and .gifs it's easy). Once you've done your little bit of sabotage on EACH of the files, save them and start IE. Now, my friends, you have taken back control of your computer space.

Note: Verizon also has its title on the browser top ("...provided by Verizon Online"). If anyone can direct me on how to change the title of the browser page, I'd be interested in that as well.

Afternote: I got a /msged a plan on the title bar problem. Dis says to remove the verizon text from the title bar, do a search in the registry for it.... it's in a key or 2 that you can replace with your own phrase.