The Hawaiian shirt's origin comes from traditional 1940's native fashion. Originally, Hawaiian shirts were made of thick pale fabric with bright floral or geographical designs. The fabric was sewn into a shirt inside-out, so the design appeared faded (the test of an authentic hawaiian shirt is checking the vividness of the design from the inside and out. A real Hawaiian shirt will feature brighter design on the INSIDE of the shirt and more faded design on the outside.).

The collar was wide and open, the buttons were wooden or ivory and began at mid breastplate. The most popular designs (to this day) feature the Hawaii State flower, the Hibiscus.

Hawaiian shirts regained popularity in the late 90's and are once again being mass produced. Mainstream brands such as Roxy, Hurley, Anchor Blue, and Bugle Boy now have lines of Hawaiian shirts, or shirts with Hawaiian patterns. However, if you want authentic Hawaiian shirts, go to King St. in Honolulu. They'll surely outfit you, heole.