I'm in a park, with about 50 or so schoolmates. Now as soon as I come into the park, I realize I've got my guitar strapped to my back and a razor sharp Frisbee in my hand. Now the park is completely enclosed with electric fencing.

All of a sudden, 5 people come running by me with assorted weapons (guns, big rocks, crossbows, slings). One of them tells me to start running, because the game is about to begin.

"What game?" I asked.

"Death, man. Are you stupid? Didn't you know what you were signing up for? It's the Death Bowl, man." he replied.

Apparently we all signed up for this and it's an all out brawl with random weapons until one man is left standing.

I begin to run, and then I see a big, burly black man on top of a tiny hill, screaming as he hurls a stone into one of the contestants. I run up to him, and he says to me, "Big rocks, muthafuckaz."

He then tries to shove a rock in my skull, but it is stopped by the neck of my guitar. I turn in ninja like quickness and slice off his legs below the knees with my Frisbee. As he falls, he disappears.

I then turn around to begin my escape, and I am met by a short little girl who points a gun at my temple. She shoots, time slows, and I try to dodge it (yes, like in the Matrix, shut up). But I fail. I can feel the bullet penetrate my forehead, and frappe my brain.

Kick ass.