OK, so here's some opinioned (crazy) rant.

OK, maybe it's not crazy but I'm worried it'll sound crazy


So what if perfection is an unattainable goal? So what if life itself doesn't really have a defined meaning other than to be happy and comfortable. I sometimes wonder how human worth is judged and should be judged. Are there people who fundamentally shouldn't be here? Are there degrees to which we fundamentally do not belong in the cosmos? Should we manifest this, saying to the world "Yes, I am someone who doesn't belong; I am soneone who thinks he is better than you. I do not belong, and I am here. Or do we all belong? I fail to see that this can be true. The only reason to believe in God is that he or she wouldn't play favorites.

...but our Gods are selfish creatures.

They demand that we pay attention to them, no matter where they lead us, or what reality they craft for us to work within or think about. No person truly in love with the world would trust another; the cost is too high. We must remain apart and alone.

The only thing worse than being life itself is...?