I had this WU, and I realized that is was somewhat in the wrong place; too specific. So I moved it to this other node and submitted an E2 Nuke Request for the existing one.

Only the new node home has been far kinder to it. ...and the Nuke Request is gone, the node and writeup still standing.

Are the editors trying to tell me that this old node is destined to stay , taunting me?
Oh, screw it, I have better things to do with life.

...and yet I am not prepared to shoot my mindfuck through the head, to end it's miniscule tirade through my psyche. So life goes on, things get voted up and down. Suddenly, I visualize all those little XP and vote rep and C! values on all nodes to be like rod controls on a nuclear reactor. If a node becomes too popular or sad then E2 gets blown to kingdom come, a vertiable Chernobyl, if you will.

...and then I strap a few extra clothes to my naked psyche and vow never to be an exhibitionist of the soul in front of myself for another year.

May this node blow along with all the rest of beautiful shiny garbage on the heavanly brothel of E2

Update: The last line on this WU looks like the only redeemable bit. Such a short climax, sigh...