A quirky vocalist group which produces some of the more odd sounds you'll hear coming from people who use nothing but their voices.

Here's a F'loom discography ("For your psycho-aural entertainment" as they would say.)

  1. Overture
  2. Online ;-)
  3. Just for a few more minutes
  4. GHI Terakata
  5. Ten possible outcomes of Gnegg's space-time paradox
  6. Failed Lunar Etude
  7. Quantum Elementum
  8. The Postman-Hill Victory Correspondence
  9. Waltz of The Emotive Enigma
  10. Schertzo Cantango
  11. Mother Goose Etudes
  12. Brickle
  13. Taki Dom
  14. Squamous Double-Drab Mojo
  15. Postemodern Dilemma
  16. The Ribbentrop-Richthoven Sphinx
  17. Underture

Their clever manipulations of English and rhythym make their CD worthwhile in the opinion of this noder. It's a real pleasure to listen to. Geeks would like this one especially :)

Some words and phrases that describe what they do, taken from their website:

language music
post-Firesign vocalise
sound-text compositions
polyrhythmic mouth percussion
three-headed performance poetry
a cappella linguistic polyphony
extended vocal techniques
Mummenschanz rap