This was written last Tuesday, but I thought I'd post it here, as it *is* the 12th server time at the time of the posting

I commited a faux pas today on Ham Radio. I made a transmission to a repeater I assumed was clear, but ended up doubling with people who hadn't finished their conversation. It's probably not a big deal, something that everyone does, but I was nonetheless a bit red-faced...
Kids, remember to wait about 30 seconds after you think people are finished communicating before you jump in with your own schpiel.

OK, on the non-Ham side of things, it's been a boring day, probably the reason I was kiling so much time on the radio at home. Went in to town, checked out an Edward Gorey book; lots of fun. I should probably stop pouring so much time into radio endeavours. It's a fun hobby, but it eats up almost as much time as surfing the web if I'm not careful. Chats can just drag on, IRC style, until the other party (in this case, mostly just the other party) gets tired and desides to cut off the chat.

Made me wonder if there's an E2 registry of Hams. Probably not a popular enough thang for people here to get anything to a critical mass over, but still something I'm interested in looking into.

There are currently ~250,000,000 people in the US (last I heard), and about 100,000 hams in the US. That makes for a reasonably small perentage. Any hams on E2? /msg me!

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