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My name is Stephen and I live in S.F., high atop Olympus Peak, once the geographic center of the City. Since 1970 I have practiced Buddhism. Since 1989 I have also become affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist movement. Because of my dual (non-dual?) religious practices I consider myself bi-sectual. I was raised to believe that I had a duty to leave the world a better place than I found it and all of my social activity is informed by my Buddhist practice and my Bodhisattva vows.

I was an appointed member of the LGBT Advisory Committee to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission (1999-2007) and have participated in putting together public hearings on such issues as "Economic Empowerment in the LGBT Community," “Aging in the LGBT Communities,” and I am currently coordinating a panel presentation on “Queer Homeless Youth.”

By way of employment, I am the Human Resources Administrator for The State Bar of California, located in the downtown financial district.. N.B. I am NOT an attorney, so if you have any good lawyer jokes, feel free to share them. I will happily take them back to the office. After all, none of us should take all this too seriously.

I am a vegetarian, for ethical reasons and since 1991 I can also say that I am an Esperantist; i.e., I speak and teach Esperanto. As a member of the Int'l G/L Esperanto League, in the early 90's I traveled around Eastern and Western Europe, using only Esperanto and staying with Esperantists wherever I went. In Sacramento CA, I conducted classes at both the Lambda Community Center (where I was the E.D. in '95-'96) and at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento. In San Francisco I am a Welcoming & Visitors delegate for the Universal Esperanto Association and welcome, give tours to, and host in my home, visitors from all over the world.

On a more personal note, while I am basically a gregarious person, after the ending of my one and only relationship, which lasted for 18.5 years, I live alone and cherish my solitude as much as I cherish the people around me.