Album by Sagittarius, recently reissued by Poptones in the UK. Unlike Sagittarius' first album, Present Tense, which was essentially an album by The Millennium with a couple of Gary Usher produced tracks performed by session musicians (including the gorgeous My World Fell Down, as featured on the Nuggets compilation), this appears to be an Usher solo with a couple of guest appearances by Curt Boettcher.

I say 'appears to be' because unlike most of the albums from this loose collective, Poptones hasn't provided personnel information in the liner notes, opting instead to reproduce Usher's faux-hippy wafflings (the 'blue marble' of the title is Earth). The only credits in the album are 'produced by Gary Usher except 2&5 by Gary and Curt, 1 11 &12 by Cary Curt & Keith', along with lead vocal credits for Curt Boettcher on Will You Ever See Me (the same basic track as on Boettcher's California Music but a different mix) and Chuck Girard for I See In You and Gladys.

It's instructive to compare Usher's take on In My Room with that of his co-writer Brian Wilson, but remember this was recorded several years later than the Beach Boys version - when it was written Usher's records were generally titled things like School Is A Gas and Hot Rod High

Track list:

  1. In My Room
  2. From You Unto Us
  3. Will You Ever See Me
  4. Gladys
  5. I Sing My Song
  6. The Blue Marble
  7. Lend Me A Smile
  8. I Can Still See Your Face
  9. I See In You
  10. Cloud Talk

  11. bonus tracks:
  12. In My Room
  13. Hawaio Girl
  14. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
  15. I Can Still See Your Face
  16. Will You Ever See Me