One of the last and best of the classic MGM musicals, High Society was a remake of the classic film The Philadelphia Story with music by Cole Porter added.

Bing Crosby starred as Dexter, a songwriter whose ex-wife (played by Grace Kelly in her last screen role) is about to remarry. With the help of a reporter (Mike Connor, played by Frank Sinatra) and Louis Armstrong, Dexter wins her back.

The plot, apart from Armstrong's cameo, runs pretty close to the original, but what really makes the film are the songs. Most famous of these are True Love (sung by Crosby and Kelly) and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Sinatra and Celeste Holm) , but the other songs are equally good, especially Crosby and Sinatra's duet on Well, Did You Evah?.

The film has its faults (Crosby was a better singer than an actor, and the annoying little kid added as comic relief could easily be considered the Wesley Crusher of the film) but is still an example of Hollywood at its finest.