The song was originally done by Jan And Dean - written by Jan Berry of the group with Brian Wilson, Roger Christian and someone called Artie Kornfeld about whom I know nothing.Their version of it can be found on almost any hits compilation, and Dean Torrence remade it on an album called Jan And Dean's Golden Summer Days.

It was also the title of a TV movie about the duo, authorised by Dean Torrence,which more or less restarted their career in the mid-70s (the aforementioned Golden Summer Days album is mostly soundtrack recordings for this film). A sensationalist account of the band's career, it played down the fact that almost all their hits were written by Brian Wilson and played up the car accident that incapacitated Jan Berry.

Mike Love and Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys guest in the film, but there's otherwise little of interest to it, and while it was a ratings hit at the time, even IMDB doesn't have any info on it... in retrospect it's a product of the same nostalgia craze that turned the Beach Boys into a flabby parody of their earlier selves and made American Grafitti a hit.