Tonight, half of my skyline is dark.

You see, me and 40 million other Canadians and Americans have been without power since about 16h15EDT. I've shared in that experience: Losing power on the PC (hoping that thing one was working on is saved), the walk down the emergency stairs in the dim emergency lights, and the long, arduous drive home as every traffic light in the city is dark.

My case is different. I get to go home and watch it on CNN over a warm meal.

As I cross the bridge over to Gatineau, I cross into normalcy. The whole province of Quebec is powered by a completely different grid, isolated from the chaos that has shut down a major part of the East Coast of North America.

As I look outside tonight, to the south of me the whole city of Ottawa is still in the dark while the rest of the sky will be bathing in light pollution.

This is the biggest blackout North America has seen in the last 40 yearsever.