A 1971 Quebec movie directed by Roger Cardinal.

Starring Daniel Pilon as a newly hired ski instructor at a Laurentian ski resort where swingin' free love, pot smokin' hippies hang out and 24/7 parties are going on. This is a typical 70's soft porn flick, not much plot, lots of nekkid people, all this on a groovy psychedelic soundtrack. Watch this once and ask your old hippie uncle/aunt if it was really like that back then...

The movie was filmed around St-Adele, Quebec at some of the popular ski resorts.
Rene Angelil (yes, Celine Dion's manager/husband) does a cameo.

When trying to pick up people on the ski hills of Quebec, do not invite them for Après-ski as it definitely has a sexual connotation here. You have been warned.