I'd make a horrible writer. Am already a bad writer? Let's just say I'm bad at writing things.

I mostly write to get stuff off my chest and out of my head, efficiently, if not effectively, while using as few adjectives as possible. Everyone knows what a sunset looks like, I don't need to specify the incandescent hues, or are they radiant? See? Very confusing scientific terms, those adjectives. One of my favourite noders to read here is iceowl, but when I read his stories, I automatically think "he's probably combined a few events into one for entertainment" or "that timeline has probably been bent to suit the narrative" etc. All great things that make them the stories I really like to read, but my brain goes "Inconsistent with reality, pretty sure it didn't happen exactly as described", and if I can't even read great stories without thinking that, there's no chance I can write them, and my life isn't interesting enough to be described as is and still be entertaining (though maybe some of my views are?).

So there, I'm here to transmit my facts, maybe once that's done, I might move onto noding my views, god help us all.

I'm still working up to stories where I've been wronged, and after that, if my ego will allow, I've got plenty of coward Stasik stories, the random ones that pop into my head, the ones that suddenly make my blood boil as I quietly drive to work.

PS. talking about very confusing scientific adjectives, I still can't figure out how exactly colour works. I dropped out of uni (the first time) because I couldn't figure out how electricity worked. I figured what's the point of superficially learning stuff if you don't understand how it works? And that's a story of how I dug myself a hole that I ended up in for nearly 20 years.