And after yet another gem from cifilwaractionfigure, I'll be doing a less entertaining version of a log.

My slumlord career is over, (I live in Melbourne, and my investment property is in Tasmania.)

The ice dealers that were our tenants have been evicted, but not before they took all the light globes(who does that?), most doors(??), kicked in most of the other doors, punched and kicked holes in just about everywhere else and left roughly 10 cubic meters of crap (a lot of that is dog shit). 10m^2 is the bin that we had to order and it's more than full..

My real estate peeps quoted about $20,000 worth of fix ups, and me, being silly enough not to have gotten rental insurance, would have had to wear all of that. So, we decided that wifey (who was perfectly ready to quit her job), quit her job and went there with her dad to fix up whatever they could.

They've been there for almost a week, and have done an insane amount of work, house looks a.. well... 25x better, and now wifey is attached and doesn't want to come back.

She has met most of the neighbors in the first 3 days, and even though the suburb isn't all that great, the court that the house is in, is populated by home owners, so not only were they happy to see the "ice queen" gone (ice dealer lady), but even more chuffed that they got a social butterfly like my wifey instead.

We have.. just about decided to move there.

My only reservation, if you can call it that, is that I would like to buy something else there while I have this pretty-well-paying-job.

Option 1: House next door is burned out (for the last 3 years), and I've been trying to get hold of the owner, so I can buy it and demolish it/fix it.
Option 2: I buy a cheap house nearby and we rent it out
Option 3: I buy a freakin' forest, 100Ha, 1 square kilometer, that's only 5km away from our new house.

If you know anything about me, Option 3 is my dream, $150 a week to own a forest? FUCK YEAH!
Option 2 is more sensible, I get a rental property and once (IF) I save up enough for a deposit, I could still go for Option 3.
Option 1 also appeals to me, I could just bulldoze the thing, and have the biggest block in the city, on top of a hill.. with this view (or fix it up and turn it into Option 2)

I really want a forest, I always have, don't know why.

It's cheap enough to almost be.. an eccentric frivolity. Problem is, I'm not quite rich enough to afford eccentric frivolities.

I have no doubt that by the time we retire, this 100Ha will be worth enough, problem is, it's not doing much meanwhile.

Anyway, no one is going to solve this for me except for me.