Wifey got invited to play cards against humanity by her coworker.

I, being her "main man" was invited too.

So we went, it's a game that our friend Behr would enjoy.

I actually enjoyed it, but I was pretty drunk by the end of it, so I guess we'll see if I made a fool of myself; wifey seems pretty relaxed, so I must've done ok. (I had to get her to read a couple of white cards due to my inability to read due to hysterical laughter.)

There were 2 PhD students at the table, apparently they weren't very funny according to the score. I was 3rd from the bottom, so I can only conclude that PhD students are less funny than me.

Or.. your cards against humanity score is inversely proportional to your intelligence, or whatever makes me sleep at night.

I've never played this game, it seems like a good icebreaker kinda game.

I got to chat and hang out with all the peeps prior, for about an hour, I'm not sure the game helped me find any further insights, 30mins into our chat, I think I got a pretty good understanding of these people, and probably vice versa.

I really don't feel like putting any effort into not being myself, so besides a few things that I subconsciously do to make myself feel cooler (sometimes intentionally, like trying to not hunch over), I am me.

My brain is all over the place today.

I unpacked all of my books today, I made a shelf of books that I haven't read yet. Some of them, I put in the "donate" pile, the rest will live on the shelf of shame, like War and peace (both Russian and English version, Dante and a few more that I'm more inclined to read.

Wifey semi adopted a 12yr old local kid, so last few days we've been entertaining her and took her to the local attractions.

Wifey is soft, not just by my steely Russian standards. Having random kids around made me realise even more that I should be the man of the house.

Wifey also thinks she is 50/50 with me, she's not. If she only understood that even 49/51 in my favour would be much more beneficial for the kids, but alas, chances are, she'll try to claw her way to the top, and kill the family unit.

I've been pushing wifey a little last couple of days in anticipation of this. She married me knowing full well what she was getting into, but she's been teaching me how to go about this the right way.

I'm not intentionally being facetious or misogynistic, this is really how I feel. A family structure should be, Father, Mother, children, Extended family, Friends. Last 2 could be interchangeable.

I really do think that the problem recently is that parents are trying to play the 50/50 game, pretending they're equal, and have equal say. This confuses kids and makes it easy to play a parent against a parent.

I, with my wife's blessing, will have to find a way to boss her around, if she listens, kids will listen, and most modern day problems won't exist.

I tried to show that to wifey today, she was gently trying to suggest that our kid visitor was overstaying her welcome. I intentionally didn't play ball and ignored her requests (similar to what wifey was doing earlier, and me, at the time, pointing out that once we have kids, she'll understand my frustrations)

Wifey couldn't control the kid. I know I wasn't helping, but when I say "git", the neighborhood kids dissapear.

I guess after all this rant, all I'm trying to say is that a family needs a structure, keep it consistent, and there shouldn't be many problems.

If a dad or a mum aren't happy with their position in the family, expect problems, especially for children.

I've seen a lot of families with overpowering mothers/fathers and neither end up being good for their children.

I really don't want to get into the whole gender debacle, but the way I see it, men are more logical and are more likely to lead a family to prosperity. In my case, I am, and will be the head of the family.

If not, there is no family, it's a shitstorm of confused children.