I've been pretty busy trying to get the backyard in order.
I built a couple of small fences, and still have some more to go (including a 50m back fence).

I can spend 10hours in the back yard and still feel like I've been lazy at the end of the day, there's just so much to do! I'm getting there though.

Wifey had an ultrasound (which my mum objects to, she's adamant it's not good for the baby). I'm against ultrasound as well, so hopefully we can skip the 20week one.


We've got a couple of hippy names picked out, but we'll wait and see, she could end up looking like a Barbara.

A few days ago, I went to work and wifey messaged me asking if I moved my motorbike; I did not. Bike was parked in a carport that's next to the garage. Someone got into the garage, took my helmet and gloves, pushed the motorbike up the driveway and realised they couldn't get it past the locked gate AND a parked car, they left the bike, put the gloves and helmet back in the garage and pinched my $180 hatchet. I later found the sheath for it under the stairs.

I reported it to the police and an officer came around, had a look, and told me to lock up my bike and move to a different suburb.

I haven't been sleeping well since then.

Rebuilding the back fence is now top priority, but I've never built a proper fence (I've been using existing posts or star pickets for the small fences). I've got another small fence to build, so I'll do it properly, with concreted posts and all, so if that works out, I'll start on the back fence soon after.

Non-stop fun, I'm tired today.
v Be good.