I work in an office, and in winter, I hardly get to see sunshine. There are only so many anal constrictions one can do, so I go for a 15 minute walk for my morning work break to ward off depression.

It gets quite cold without appropriate attire, especially when windy, but instead of hunching over, I remembered my age old trick of "chin up, chest out and pretend incoming sensory inputs are just that".
For me, it works surprisingly well, I used to use the same trick when swimming in really cold water, it doesn't do much to soften the cold shock response, but it stops the squealing and the urge to run in the opposite direction, mostly.

I found this to also work with prolonged pains, though that requires a bit more concentration, I concentrate on the pain, where it's coming from, and try to interpret it as nerves sending signals to my brain. I think my sister taught me this one when I was quite young. I think the former two examples are more of a willpower thing, whereas this is more of mind over matter, hence, not as effective, though it does feel like you get a temporary break from the pain.

As usual, I'm sure Tem will msg me with a scientific term for what I'm describing and I'll add a footnote to this log.


On my daily walk, I walk past the same house, It has two big windows at the front looking into what I believe is the living/dining room and people can easily see into one of them. Almost every time I walk past, the living room arrangement changes, a table with chairs around it, then chairs are on the table, then chairs are on the table, but upside down, then there is a couch instead, then two, then there are curtains, etc... it's very strange, I'm not sure whether it's some sort of a emergency accommodation house or whether the autistic OCD mother-in-law decided to move in and the husband is trying to tend to her specific needs.


I got a haircut yesterday, and with all the healthy eating and no booze, I'm looking downright handsome. Reminds me of those comics where a fat hairy slob of a guy looks in the mirror and sees a chiseled body.
I'm consistently under a 100kg (220 pounds), I think I can stand to lose another 8kg or so, but wifey says I'll be too skinny, I might just work on my six pack, I doubt she'll complain.

My arms are bit sore today, our little human didn't feel like sleeping last night, and the only way she would stop crying was me, doing bicep curls with her as the weight, and counting out loud. I made it to a 100 this time, so the next time someone asks me do you even lift bro? (is this an Aussie thing?), I'll be able to respond in the affirmative.


Over the last week I've slowly been trimming the low hanging branches in the back yard, now, once again, there is a huge pile of branches that I'll have to burn, but the back yard is looking much more open, accessible and inviting (hopefully not to trespassers who deserve bear traps).

The fun never stops.