This is a simple addendum in reference to the way this particular virus also spreads across the network.

Once a machine is infected it will check the network for C: drives of which it can access. Upon successfully finding an available share it will attempt to copy itself into the c:\temp\ or c:\recycled\ directory. Once it has accomplished this task it will proceed to add a call to said executable into the c:\autoexec.bat file. This has the result that on reboot the new host will have been infected fully and start spreading itself again. (As long as autoexec.bat has been executed)

This does not seem to have been noted by either Symantec or McAfee and it is important to be aware of the fact that although you may be vigilant on opening email attachments you can still get infected. It is therefore vital to make sure that network shares are password protected or at the very least not available to everyone on the domain.