A fun show! Frankie Muniz does well in the lead role, the show is generally entertaining, and unlike that damn millionaire show, isn't contributing directly to the downfall of western civilization.

Besides, it uses a They Might Be Giants song (specifically, "Boss of Me") as its opening theme.

Iny any case, story involves an American family with four boys, Malcolm being the next-to-youngest. The oldest boy is in military school, the only place that can even attempt to contain his chronic propensity for pranks. The next kid is a rather dense boy bent on destruction. Malcolm is the geek boy who simultaneously loves and hates his family's weirdness, and the youngest is, well, the canonical youngest brother -- whiny, obnoxious, and spoiled.

The show is firmly on the far side of unreality, but is enormously entertaining, in kind of a Simpsons meets A Christmas Story way.