A book by Kalle Lasn (no, that's not a typo, he's the publisher of Adbusters Magazine, www.adbusters.org) about the culture of consumerism and how bad it is: Bad for the spirit, bad for the population, and bad for the earth.

It shows how the rise of the corporation has taken the freedom to think and choose away from the world without us realizing it; it shows how advertising has created a culture that strangles individuality and free thinking. It holds Americatm mostly responsible for this.

The book then proceeds to show the reader how he or she can become a culture jammer, and start fixing things in large or small ways. In particular, it effectively synthesized my innate dislike of television and advertising, my vague unease about large corporations, and the incredible soul-crushing depression I feel whenever I'm in Wal-Mart into a cohesive whole that is compelling and convicting.

Confidence Index: 5

Presumably MasterYoshi's writeup is meant to be ironic, but just to let it be known: I love America. Kalle Lasn loves America, too; I believe he emigrated here from somewhere in eastern Europe. But corporations have undermined the values that America was founded on, hence the trademark symbol in Americatm.