A book by Owen Linzmayer (ex-Help Columnist for MacAddict), this tome tells the story of Apple Computer starting with its inception by the two Steves and ending with Jobs' return and the turnaround of the company. It covers every product, every corporate fight, and every stupid (in retrospect) mistake without being judgemental or sensational. At the same time, it doesn't deify Apple (or some subset thereof), but gives just the facts.

At the end of every chapter is a timeline showing the progression of events described therein. It also includes a complete timeline of the Macintosh, showing the introduction date of every model including the "Blue & White" G3 minitower.

Of particular interest is the rise and fall of John Scully and his Newton, the first PDA - remember that? In any case, if you only get one book about Apple, get this one. Confidence Index: 5