Today is serene indoors, contrasting the rising of the storm. My room is dimly lit by peppermint, one with poppy seeds, one citrus vanilla, two plain. Their flames shine brightly and pure through tinted glass to reflect off of my
monitor. The glow of rainclouds diffuses through my window, adding its own exquisite and indescribable color. Thunder rumbles
quietly above my music--progressive harp, 'Caverna Magica' by some guy whose name I can't read.

Peace inside. Chaos outside. There is balance.

It occurs to me that I would like a cup of tea, so I wander into the kitchen. I begin heating water in a cup twined 'round with
painted ivy leaves, and search for my favorite blend--orange tea, from India. As I sort out enough of the tea to brew a cup, I
notice that I'm almost out of it...really should get more, somehow. Tea, a small spoonful of honey, and heated the
water change color from clear to deep gold to brown.

Ack, power failure. Thankfully I saved this work just before it hit. Restart, boot Linux kernel, fsck -A, all that good stuff.

Two hours later...

Coolness on my eyes, wiping away the tracks of my tears...crying always gives me a headache. Wish it didn't have to be this pathetic
sometimes, but it just is. At least I don't have to go anywhere...since to anyone with an eye to see out of, it's quite apparent
that I've been crying, and there's nothing worse than seeing people you don't even know look at you with that half-pitying,
uncomfortable gaze. To distract myself from the moment, I take up a pink gel-pen and draw the kanji for 'cherry blossom' on
the back of my left index finger. It makes me feel better, somehow.