Swinging in the sunshine.

We've been swinging here since we were old enough to walk.

We reminisce about all the things that mattered when we were children...dandelion wishes, water balloons, racing to the porch. lemonade and firecrackers on Independence Day.

I say that maybe life was just as complicated then as it is now, and we were just too stupid to care...he thinks for a moment, and agrees. "Ignorance is only bliss when you're too ignorant to realize it."

I glance sideways, and he's sinking lower and lower in the swing, nearly touching the ground. Finally he comes to rest on the ground. I blink a few times and mimic his action, laying on the ground with my legs up in the swing. We look at each other for a few moments, and start giggling madly. No words are needed.

The sun shines as warmly as when we were children, and for a few dizzy moments I am five years old again.