The 4th coming is a Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game created by vircom inc. It stand in the middle-ages like Diablo and Ultima and extend on three different isles, Arakas, Raven's Dust and Stoneheim. Over that, nine quests are being developped on nine diffrent servers allowing a better repartition of players. Thoses are Aphrael, Baazul, Caern-Sidhe, Demios, Ezar, Feyd-Elhan, Glyph, Harn and Quies(This last one does'nt allow stealing and killing other players, so it's mainly populated by beginner's and altruist people helping others). Quests are always changing and sometimes others big player start they're own quest for the benefit of all.

The main goal of the game is to build your character and prove to the Haruspice the value of human being by completing harder and harder quests.

You can develop your character trought a combination of skills (force, endurance, dexterity, wisdom and intelligence), competences (stealing, stunning, meditating, etc ...) and magic (fire, light, water, darkness, poison and storm). Each time you kill a monster you earn experience and climb levels. For each level you get 5 skill points and 30 competences points wich can be placed in they're respective fields. Skill points can be added instantly while competence must be exchange trought trainers in city's.

Skills are used as follow:

Force is used to enhance combat damages.
Endurance enable the player to carry more things.
Dexterity is used to steal, hide and shoot arrows.
Wisdom serve for white magic like cure or light.
Intelligence bring black magic like fireballs and storms.

Warrior develop force and endurance.
Paladin develop force and wisdom.
Thief use dexterity.
Archer use dexterity and force.
Priest mostly use Wisdom.
Mage seek intelligence

Magic is acquired throught training but cost a lot more competence points so you must spend them wisely. They also cost a lot of money but you'll always find a good samaritan willing to give you what you need (at least in Quies). The possibility of learning a spell rely on wisdom and intelligence. Killer spells need more intelligence as healing spells rely on wisdom.

The choice of weapons and armors greatly increase over the game. When you begin the choice is awfully bad but when landing in Raven's Dust you can't keep yourself from buying all sorts of thing just to try. Even a mage can get a nice stick inflicting huge damage while boosting mana.

The game can be played fully free of charge in french at They're is also english servers but i never found they're main page.