Also called Riki-Oh, Lik Wong, and others.

Quite possibly the goriest and silliest martial arts movie ever made. Troma wishes they had thought of this one. It takes place in the near future, when capitalism runs rampant and even prisons are corporately owned. Riki, a young man who is superhumanly strong for no particular reason other than his being the main character in a bad martial arts film, is imprisoned for killing the men who killed his girlfriend. He sees all the cruelty and corruption around him and, being the badass with the heart of gold that he is, decides to kick some ass. He eventually has to defeat the Gang of Four who run the prison, and in the end, the Warden himself. Memorable moments include:

  • A flashback in which Riki's uncle throws gravestones for Riki to smash in midair
  • A guard attempting to strangle Riki with his own (the guard's) intestine
  • The girlfriend's death scene: a mannequin dropped from a rooftop
  • Eviscerations galore.

Great fun. Hard to find in the US, but well worth it.

Written and directed by Ngai Kai Lam and starring Siu-Wong Fan as Riki/Ricky.