The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon is a belt or magazine-fed fully automatic air-cooled gas operated shoulder-fired weapon. It fires 5.56mm NATO rounds from either a 200 round belt (TWO, not ONE hundred) or from a thirty round M-16 magazine. It fires from the open-bolt position, so never ever use it to start an ambush. (in the event of a misfire, the sound of the bolt going home will give away your position while you try to clear the round.) a Maximum range of 3600 metres, but a maximum effective range against an area target of 1100 metres with the new barrel system, or 1000 metres with the old barrel system, and a maximum effective range against a point target of 550 metres. Cyclic rate of 725 RPM (normal) or 1000 RPM (max). Sustained rate of 85 RPM, and rapid rate of 100 RPM.

It's a pain in the ass to lug one around.