She left me two months ago, but not forever.

She needed to know if she could be by herself,
I am ashamed to wish she couldn't.
She could.

I plan to meet her in two months time
I quit my job
I will meet her in one week.

This is difficult.. I know.
I am hoping and trying.
I want this to work out.

She's travelled and changed,
I've worked and thought and probably changed too.

I will meet her in one week and it will be different.
I want it to be the same,
I want us to hold each other and to make this work.

It will not be the same
this I know,
but it could still work.

I am hoping, and trying, and
nervous waiting.

Who knows anything?
I will meet her in one week.
I do know there is still love.

I do know there is a heart, and a brain
and sometimes the two can fight.

I am hoping.. that the heart wins.