First daylog entry. This DMan thing has me a bit disturbed and it seems more appropriate here than noded.

I have the dubious distinction of having responded to his last writeup, and I believe the upvotes on mine and the downvotes on his *may* have catalyzed his final actions. I'm not sure what other conclusion to draw from his hateful parting shot to themusic, who happened to have C!'d my wu. Maybe I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When I /msg'd DMan to tell him his Anti-Americanism node had a reply, he (must have read it quickly and) fired back: "apologist." I was a bit taken aback; I am relatively new here and assumed that people commit their positions to writeups in the nodes, where the progress of the arguments can be seen to unfold. I'd certainly come across enough examples to think this was possible in this case. In any case I'd hoped for a discussion, not an immediate descent into name-calling. (is this the right room for an argument?) I replied: "critic, yes; apologist, hardly." The reply came: "what do you care? you're getting upvoted, I'm getting downvoted." I replied to the effect that corny as it may sound I was interested in the truth of the matter, and I had responded to his wu because I thought he was mistaken to attribute anti-Americanism to envy as he did. I heard nothing back, and when I next checked, rather than a reply added onto his writeup, the whole original wu had been nuked, and a reply to mine from Uberfetus had appeared. I read it with interest and am putting together a reply, but I was left with a rather sour and unsettling impression of DMan.

While much of his stuff is straightforward, anything I read of his with political content seems to be full of abuse and contempt. He sure called people morons a lot. Sarcasmo says that DMan earned huge amounts of XP in Quests rather than normal noding and being cooled, and yet he did accrue an impressive total number of contributions. It just suggests a deep cynicism that someone as knowledgeable and articulate as he should focus so quickly on XP.

Happy Equinoxe, everybody.