In juggling, a pattern where one ball is carried up, across, and dropped into the other hand. It is fairly easy to do (one of the harder forms of columns), yet its square form makes it look very distinctive.

Start by juggling two balls in your right hand. (Left-handers: you should learn this both ways round anyway. So there.) As the rightmost ball goes up, bring your left hand up parallel to it. Now as the middle ball comes up, bring your left hand flat across and over the whole pattern, so that it ends up being the rightmost ball in the pattern. As you throw the next ball up, your left hand releases the ball it is holding, and shoots back down to grasp the falling ball. You are now back to the start position.

You have two choices now - either repeat the same sequence of moves, or switch straight into the exact mirror of the pattern; your left hand juggles two in one hand, while the right carries a ball up and across the pattern. This looks nicer than the one-sided version, so try it when you feel able.

Whichever version you are doing, remember to keep the carries straight and sharp. This is what gives the pattern its appeal (and its name). Oh, and one more thing: when carrying the ball, make sure you display it to your audience; don't clench it in a fist. (For extra kudos, place all fingers on top of the ball, and pinch the back of the ball with your thumb, so that the audience cannot see you holding it. This gives the impression of a magnet pulling the ball up and into the factory.)