Today, I start my goal of writing something, anything at least once a week. You are witnessing the first fledging attempts. I know, once a week really doesn't seem like much, but you have to start somewhere. I was tempted to say once a month, but that seemed a bit high in the slacking department, even for me.

In advance, let me apologize to E2. I'm not sure my desperate attempts to meet my goal will really improve the content here, or reach this mythical bar I've heard about. I most likely will not contribute a large number of factuals. However, I do recognize, like a good little novice, that I have not yet earned my bullshit, and my meandering thoughts, rants on life, and all such other ill shit that I toss up here will be confined to daylogs. Promise.

As I'm doing this in an attempt to improve my writing, and perhaps start a decent habit or two, constructive criticism is always welcome. Sought after, in fact. Some might even say begged for. I do ask you please be perhaps positive and uplifting, but do whatcha gotta do. I promise all such advice will be carefully considered.