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'What is [Intelligence Quotient |intelligence]?' Asked Marmaduke, at one of the permitted [interval]s.

'[Intelligence],' said the Magister, 'is an activity that men put their minds to in the manner that a [frog] kicks its legs to swim.

But; see how you have glanced off the exact stroke of the [essence]. The way along the parapet is not for the forward footed. We have heard the fourth gong toll - be content for the nonce.

([Jack Vance], "Starking")

What Is Intelligence?

If intelligence was to be measured, thought some, it must first be defined.

Perhaps taking their lead from the [operational definition]s of [Special Relativity |the theory of relativity] - for example, [Moving clocks run slow |time] is what it says on the face of a [clock] - one [definition] was:

A person's intelligence is the score they get on an intelligence test.

Scientific Status

Defining [Big Lie |mental] penetration like this seems the only way a scientific status may be lent to a measurement of IQ. And it is profoundly important to claim scientific-ness: Only then is the agreement of everyone coerced:

"You have to agree with us - this is science. You may no more disagree with this than disagree with gravity and jump, thereby, unharmed over a cliff." ([Social Control - David Hume and the Source of All Power (idea)])

[Reversing] the Marking [Scheme]

Couldn't the following [Pemberton's maneuver |maneuver] destroy the scientific legitimacy of IQ [test]s?

  1. Test a group of people and note their [score]s. The ones with the higher scores are the more intelligent - by definition.
  2. [Reverse] the marking scheme - "correct" answers score little, "wrong" answers score maximum.
  3. Conduct the test again. Now, by definition, the [retard]s are the [genius]es and [vice versa].

[Scientific Method |Derive a Contradiction]

It therefore seems possible to prove the same person to be a prodigy or a [cretin] without breaking the definition; dooming IQ testing to non-science [status].

(See: [The Mismeasure of Man].)