I had to use lynx deodorant spray once.
The story goes as follows:

It was late a night. I planned to go to bed. So I shutdown the computer, closed the window, the usual stuff. Then, to my horror. I discovered a huge, ugly weta. The God of Ugly Things....Near my bed! NOTE: This was not a Giant Weta, the smaller variety, they can jump, and scratch you with their little spiky legs.
There was no way in hell I was going to sleep with that thing near my bed. What if I woke-up, and found it on my face! It might eat me alive!

...Well, not really, they can't even bite, but those were kind of thoughts that were running though my head.
So began the plan to eradicate the beast. Unfortunately, I knew that a relocation of the weta was not possible. Too hard, didn't have anything to keep it in, too scared to get that close.
I spent the first 10 minuets trying to bat it with a long, steel ruler. But this was unsuccessful, and it went further down the gap between my bed and the wall.
Then came the lynx deodorant. I'm not sure if it did anything or not. But it did seem to subdue the beast.
But this was not enough. It would most likely recover while I'm sleeping at 2:30am, and eat me alive. So how was I to get it? There was nothing except my hand that could reach it, and that was out of the question.
Then it struck me... The vacuum cleaner!
So, I plugged it in, turned it on, placed close to the weta, and SLLLUUUP! Away he went.

This whole incident could have been avoided if there was real bug spray around the house. But the old folks don't like bug sprays....Unhealthy chemicals, or something.

Uberfetus has informed me that the Tree Weta can bite.
But it still probably wouldn't be able to eat me alive.