So you thought the meaning of Christmas was dead and gone? Now just a mass marketed, consumer driven holiday? Fear not! The following conversation shows that (despite a little confusion) the true meaning of Christmas is alive and well thanks to the unflailing enthusiasm of my family. . .

Note: Various people entered and left this conversation at different times, thus I have forgotten who said what . . .but you get the idea!

TV: “When you think Jesus was born 2000 years ago . . .

2000? It was longer than that wasn’t it?
Er, no because –
Oh yeah we measure time from his birth.
That was the immaculate conception!
Yeah, look up ‘immaculate’ in the dictionary.
Will it have THAT in there?
Yeah, go and look it up – there’s a dictionary in the kitchen.
No, I can’t be bothered.
I can.

(exits room for undocumented amount of time)
. . .


Well, what did it say?
Immaculate conception: “Dogma that the Virgin Mary was conceived without original sin.” But it goes on to say that it has nothing to do with the birth of Christ.
Hmm . . .ok. But she was the VIRGIN Mary, right?
So doesn’t that mean Jesus was born without original sin too?


So was Jesus God?
No, he just had God in him.
He was the SON of God.
So what did Joseph have to do with it?
He was company.
He was a carpenter.
No! Jesus was a carpenter.
No, I’m pretty sure Joseph was.
Well, Jesus definitely was!
He took after his father.
Yeah we know that! That was the whole reason he was put on earth.
To build houses?
No! To teach Christianity! Preach the word of GOD - his FATHER!
Right . . .who was a carpenter!