Well, for the benefit of my fellow furry everythingians, and to add a little bit of old fogy history to this particular node, a few things should be noted about the word "yiff" and its origins and meaning.

Now, first of all, the word has been polluted! Yes, these days it carries virtually nothing beyond sexual connotations of any kind. This was not its original meaning though. I'm not exactly sure how it gained this particular definition, really, but, as one who plays a fox as his character, it's a source of never ending annoyance to me. Mostly I hate the stereotype that goes along with this word and being a fox.

Yes, foxes. This part was and is still valid. The word "yiff" was derived from the anthropomorphic fox language. (Yes, even furries make languages. All you hardcore roleplayers out there can relate to this, including two of my friends who speak Elven and Klingon, respectively. :) This is why all of its sexual connotations have ended up being tagged onto foxes. It's their word, therefore they must be sex-crazed, yiffy maniacs! Bah.

Originally, this word was a greeting, believe it or not. That was basically all it meant, was a "hello" or what not. To continue, "yip" was also a greeting, but it was reserved for more friendly types, not something you would say to a stranger or casual acquaintance. And then, on to the meat! The word "yipp" is where it all comes from. This could also be used as a greeting, but it was far more intimate a word. Think of it as "hello, lover" only perhaps a bit stronger. This word was also to relate sexual feelings, and the like, but I guess no one wanted to say they were feeling "yippy" or something. Sure doesn't work for me, I'll admit..

So, I can somehow see a bit off the correlation, "yipp" moving over to "yiff", and the latter gaining the sexual definition and all that. But still, I just had to say something. What's a node called 'yiff' without a good, proper historical definition for it? Hmm, or something like that, I guess.. YIFF!