My cold day

Crash, boom, crackle the sky wept its tears upon the Earth. A gigantic storm had arisen from the dark ends of hell and was pouring its revenge upon the mortals. Swish the wind would go at high speeds rushing through the tree tops of the oaks and pines. I was walking out side when I noticed a funnel cloud approaching the Earth as if gravity was it's only rule.
Reports on the radio started buzzing in, "Attention, all people apart of Cache Valley go indoors and down to your basements for shelter. A tornado has hit the ground."
That is what it felt like today, after walking out side of school. The power had just gone out directly after the bell had rung and school was done for the day. Winds reaching 50-60 miles per hour gushed at me as I walked out side to venture home. But a tornado never hit luckily, that funnel cloud was real though. Lake affect had also hit, unfortunately this time it swept up the desert sands and decided to rain mud. It was very icky and disgusting, the smell of the Great Salt Lake also stung the air turning it bitter. It is spring, even in April though it decided to snow. In a matter of two hours the temperature dropped 45 degrees. It was chilling and my power at home was also out. I made it through the day though, call it luck or call it fate. Either way I am alive and proud to be alive. And as I end my day, the rain stopped and I fell asleep in my warm covers on my bed.