The Terror of Kids

Now, I am not saying I am a kid, or a parent... But my view into this subject shall be both.

"You're an idiot!" "I am not!" "Are too!" "Am not!" "Are too!" "Mom, Joe called me a name!" "Quit tattling on your brother Ben, and Joe stop calling him names." "I didn't call him anything." "He did too!" "I did not!" "Both of you, please be quiet." "Shut up Joe, she said be quiet!" "You shut up!" "No! You shut up!" "Ok that's it, both of you go to your rooms! Now!"

That used to be a reoccurring thing that I would see every day. Now, we all know kids are curious and frankly stupid at time... But they do-do some things that are cute and as well as fun.

*Burp* Girl/Mom: "Ohhhhh, how cuteeee!." Boy/Dad: *Rolls eyes*

Or when the baby finally learns how to walk, or say a first word. The grandma's and other family members, usually the feminine ones, but every time they treasure the moment. Oh and don't forget when they also get it on tape and act like it's the biggest thing that will ever happen in the child's life. Even though, they will never even remember it.

Children come into life, and learn things even in their first minutes of life. While some things come natural such as breathing and well frankly releasing garbage... Other things come from watching and learning. The parents and older siblings "usually" teach the young child how to do anything. In some cases, the sad ones, the child learns from the Television.

Many writers have written books on how to "Baby Your Baby," "Teach Your Baby," or even "Toddler's First Steps." Reading books on children and having them are no near the same two things. Experience at first hand is the only way to understand such a thing.

Eventually the child will grow up into an adult after passing through school and finally rests down to be married. Then they have their own kids and the parent now becomes a grandparent, it is only then that the child even learns what they put their parents through. It betters the relationship even further than it had been before. None the less, having children can be a fun experience. Just beware of the diapers.

Sincerely, Speaker