As TheBooBooKitty mentioned some of the 'lost' Moppet titles, I remember going to Harborview Hospital in Seattle, in the maternity area... And in the little kids' area with the thick cardboard books, the building blocks, and the various similar toys, tucked against a wall and with a small stool in front of it was Big Paw's Cave.

It was fairly simple - you controlled Brother Bear, a member of the Berenstain Bears family, who was traversing through Big Paw's cave for some reason I cannot fathom. It may have been to rescue Sister Bear or somesuch, but I can't remember. You moved Brother Bear with a joystick, along a path that ran back and forth multiple times, and got longer for each progressive level. If you accidentally stepped off of the path, you would fall to your demise. Additionally, there were bats and falling stalactites that you had to avoid. The first level was short and easy, but as far as I know, the game never ends, and the bats and stalactites really are difficult to avoid when you're on a little path and the bats zigzag and the stalactites fall quickly and oh no there isn't enough room to move but I'll try anywaAAAAAUGH I FELL OFF!

Probably one of very few Moppet Video titles that is actually difficult at some point. I know I really enjoyed it when I first saw it.