To those familiar with MUDs, MUCKs, MOOs, or anything similar, and have introduced their romantic interest to said place... Perhaps this scenario is familiar.

Things have quieted down - it's getting late and most of the excitement has gone to bed with the sun. Or, at least, the sun in three time zones west of you. You have managed to locate and meet your closest friend once again, and after going over the day's events, the conversation runs out and you settle down for some good, solid snuggling... The obligatory whispered sweet nothings are exchanged, and as the inevitable kiss approaches, time itself seems to hold its breath, the moment crystallizes, shimmering and coruscating in space...

And the lag hits like a ton of bricks.

The words 'has disconnected' attach to your other half's name like parasitic vines choking the lifeblood from a tree. And you sit there, cursing against the fickle nature of the internet.

Thank you for taking the time to read my brief rant on lag and why it sucks.