This is the story of two noders who, thanks to the wonders of Playboy, met IRL. The story probably begins when I went through puberty and found the wonders of the female body, but we'll skip all of that and get to the important parts.

My roommates and myself are proud owners of a subscription to Hugh's wondrous creation. One evening as I was flipping through the newest issue I noticed an advertisement for a freshly released special edition. It was a new version of the ever popular College Girls edition. I perused the picture of the cover and what did my weary eyes see? It was a list of the colleges featured in the magazine. It must have been my lucky day because my school was listed on the cover. I immediately jumped from my seat and alerted my roommates.

My best friend and I promptly mounted his trusty steed and headed for the friendly neighborhood Borders. Upon arrival we located the said edition and headed for the register. However unaware I was at the time, fate was about to strike. I purchased the magazine and headed for the car at an unnaturally excited pace. My friend and I had been discussing the possibility of seeing someone we knew in Playboy since we had left the apartment. The scenario seemed unlikely but nonetheless tempting. Upon arriving in the parking lot I unsheathed the holy grail of college males.

As I opened the magazine and located the correct page for the topic of my interest, my jaw hit the floor. A former friend, and neighbor from freshman year was staring back at me, naked and airbrushed looking better than ever. I was amazed but not shocked. Reflecting on the year I spent hanging around this particular female I was not terribly surprised and in no way did I disapprove. At this moment a rather hairy gentleman passed the window of the truck in which I was sitting. I was given the thumbs up from the approving stranger. I didn't think much of the situation except for the nagging feeling that I knew this hairy stranger.

Several hours later, I had returned home and decided to check in with the crew. Templeton was online as she usually is when I show up and I happened upon her homenode. "Holy sh*t!" The picture on her homenode was identical to the man in the parking lot. After some intense investigation and exchanged stories, I solved the mystery. That's right! Thanks to the power of boobies I had met the great jethro bodine. Since then my life hasn't really changed but I am that much closer to understanding this strange and wonderful community.