I'm not one to complain about the general condition of my day but sometimes there is a particularly overwhelmingly bad day that gets me peeved. This is one of those days. I woke up this morning with a hangover. Thats not the worst beginining the day could have had but unfortunately it didn't stop there. I looked out my window to see the worst rain storm in probably three months. "Good, great, wonderful, well I won't let this get to me." This is what I told myself as I hauled my Jack Daniels scented carcass out of bed. I took a shower that really didn't feel like it made me any cleaner but that is a whole other story. Then I called to find out if there was anywhere to park my car on campus as opposed to taking the public transit which would only cause me to be soaked to the bone by the time I got to the campus. Then as if the whole world decided to bend me over a table and ram me up the ass, auxillary services informed me that you have to be registered to use the pay parking and it takes 48 hours to register. At this point I nearly exploded. The day is almost over and in conclusion I have spent a large portion of it soaking wet. But that is okay because I get to go home and see my best female friend which is the closest thing I have to a girlfriend right now. I will enjoy my evening and maybe watch some anime. Ahhhhh(sigh of relief) even bad days come out good.