I had an interesting encounter with a bike messenger yesterday. The whole thing started as I was making my way to a food court in a place called Peachtree Center here in Atlanta. It was lunchtime and me and a couple of guys from work headed over there for some not-so-authentic Japanese food.

One of my favorite reasons for going to lunch at that particular food court is that there is a lot of eye-candy. Hence, I am always looking around and very aware of the people around me in that part of town.

On our way into the food court, I noticed a group of bike messengers gathered next to the escalator. I didn't pay much attention to them and they didn't really pay much attention to me. Little did I know, one of them was a complete retard.

About ten minutes into my meal I noticed two (a male and a female) of the bike messengers coming down the escalator into the food court. I don't know if he was showing off for the girl or if he was really just an elitist asshole, but the bike messenger proceeded to yell to everyone in the food court the following information: "The food you are eating is the reason you are all dying from heart disease."

My initial thought was, "thanks for the update, assclown". Luckily, my friend Jeff was having the same thoughts yet he made his vocal. Jeff is a really cool guy. One of my favorite people at work. He is actually older than my parents but he is one of those product of the sixties adults. He has lots of stories about drug use and wild parties yet he has an MBA and works for a major corporation. He also has no qualm with letting people know exactly what he thinks.

Needless to say, most people were just annoyed and went back to eating. I would imagine the majority of them just shrugged it off as another stupid teenager who thinks he knows what is wrong with the world. I agreed with them but unfortunately my mind went into overdrive and I started thinking about what he said.

What kind of person thinks it is their right to proclaim medical advice and at the same time criticize people for their life choices? Maybe a doctor. Certainly not someone who has chosen bike messaging as a career. I guess that makes me the elitist asshole. I'm not sure what to think of the whole thing. Either way, the dumbfuck with the high and mighty complex then walked by with an ice-cream cone from Dairy Queen and completely contradicted his whole argument.